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Thank you for your interest in the Hakodate Fringe Festival 2013. Browse the list of great events that you can experience this year. We are looking forward to seeing you!




What: This is our version of a Fringe Club. We give artists the opportunity to advertise any event by performing a "puchi" 15 minute set. On-the-day participation is encouraged!
When: Nov 2, 21:00~, 500Yen cover charge, one drink 500Yen





Hokuto Hey Hachi + Kouji Yamaguchi Live

山口孝司×北都の平八 はなはなアコースティックライブ

What: Based on the two singer-songwriters Hey Hachi and Kouji Yamaguchi, who have both perfromed all over Japan, this live brings you music from five artists.
When: Nov 2, 15:30~18:00, 1000Yen including one drink
Contact: 0138-76-8703 (Hana Hana)
Where: Community & Cafe Hana Hana

Hand Organ Train Wait


What: Street performer Asa Kino's organ not only plays music, it can also tell stories by displaying pictures: a kind of automated “Kamishibai”.
When: Nov 2, 16:00~16:50, Free
Where: Hakodate Station Plaza

Nakamono Masaru (Puchi Fringe Performance)

ナカモノマサル (ぷちフリンジ演奏)

What: Nakamono Masaru has performed with his guitar all over Japan. He is another second-time Hakodate Fringe veteran.
When: Nov 2, 21:00~, 500Yen cover charge, one drink 500Yen

Hokusui Brass (Puchi Fringe Performance)

ほくすいブラス (ぷちフリンジ演奏)

What: Appearing in our Fringe event for the second year, we are looking forward to more high quality brass from this Hakodate band.
When: Nov 2, 21:00~, 500Yen cover charge, one drink 500Yen

Hakodate First Time

山口孝司 Hakodate First Time

What: Your second chance to see Kouji Yamaguchi on his first performing visit to Hakodate, this time with guest moka.
When: Nov 3, 18:00~, 1500Yen including one drink
Contact: 0138-83-2804 (Kuwaholi)
Where: caffe's QuadriFoglio Kuwaholi

MOLT Fringe Special Live


What: This acoustic guitar + vocals duo have just come to Hakodate. The Fringe is happy to welcome them!
When: Nov 3, 20:00~21:00, Free
Where: Yakitori Bar Kura

T-Jiros Hokkaido Tour Hakodate Live


What: From Tokyo, this popular duo of Shinoda Tomohito and Itou Taeko was formed in 2010. This is the last day of a 3-day tour of Hokkaido.
When: Nov 4, 19:30~, 2500Yen advance or 3000Yen on the day
Contact: (T-Jiros ticketing)
Where: Restaurant Pub The Beats

Uta no Arika 2013 Tour, Day 2


What: Rikuo and Nakagawa Takashi (ex Soul Flower Union) stop in Hakodate on the second day of a 12 day tour).
When: Nov 4, 19:00~, 4500Yen
Where: Souen



What: Love nostalgia? Couldn't get to Paul McCartney's concerts in Japan this year? This event is for you.
When: Nov 8, 19:00~, 3000円 including one drink
Contact: 0138-55-6096 (Sound Papa)
Where: Blue Point

ROPE Acoustic Live

ROPE アコースティック ライブ

What: Solo acoustic guitar music with an emphasis on instrumentals, brought to you by Go Nakamura.
When: Nov 8, 21:00~, Free
Where: post@bar

Fringe Last Party


What: All are welcome to join us for this celebration of our event. You will be rewarded by a slew of live performances and a lot of fun. "Tobi-iri" participation OK!
When: Nov 9, 20:00~, Free
Where: Yakitori Bar Kura





Photos: "Sky"


What: View Maki Kashiwaba's pictures of the sky against the backdrop of Cafe en's panaoramic view of Hakodate from the mountains below Nakano Dam.
When: During Fringe: Tue~Fri 11:00~20:00, Sat 11:00~21:00, Sun 10:00~18:00, Free
Where: cafe en



What: Takihana Yasukazu is a Hakodate-based artist who creates abstract works that give viewers cause to wonder.
When: During Fringe: 11:30~24:00 (21:00 on Sun, closed Mon) , Free
Where: Otemachi Leaves

Future University Photo Club Exhibition


What: This group is participating in our event for the second year, and we are looking forward to seeing more of their work.
When: Nov 3, 14:00~17:00, Free

World's Eye

World's Eye

What: See flags made from designs drawn in Japan and coloured in the UK. This exhibit showcases the international work of Toozalii Community Arts.
When: Nov 4, 9:00~16:10, Free
Where: Goryokaku Tower

KyouikuDai Photo Club Exhibit


What: This is an active group of students who take diverse pictures that call for attention.
When: Nov 4, 9:00~16:10, Free
Where: Goryokaku Tower



What: The theme of this exhibit by artist tomoyo is "masturbation". She says "I want to draw what I want in the way I want to".
When: Nov 5~9, 11:00~17:00, Free
Where: Community & Cafe Hana Hana





Brainy Room Tidying Seminar


What: Practical tips, advice, ideas, and resources for tidying. Part of a three-class series.
When: Nov 2, 10:00~12:30, Registration: 6000Yen(3 classes, includes text)
Where: Community & Cafe Hana Hana



What: Wecome to "Getsuyo-sha". We find an interesting local person and organize workshops with a different theme twice a month.
When: Nov 5, 19:00~20:30, 1500Yen
Where: Harujon-Himejon



What: Towards a more beautiful body style by learning about pelvic floor muscles.
When: Nov 9, 13:30~, 1300Yen including tea
Where: Community & Cafe Hana Hana





Legit Style Crew (Puchi Fringe Performance)

Legit Style Crew (ぷちフリンジ演奏)

What: Your chance to see some street dance, brought to you by this tight 3-man group of young dancers.
When: Nov 2, 21:00~, 500Yen cover charge, one drink 500Yen



What: This student union "Ibuki" draws members from all over Hakodate and delivers Hokkaido's signature dance with the vigour of youth and huge smiles.
When: Nov 4, 12:00~12:10; 13:00~13:10; 14:00~14:10; 15:00~15:10; 16:00~16:10, Free
Where: Goryokaku Tower





Playing with Science

サイエンスショー おうちでサイエンス ~楽しい科学あそび~

What: Experience a series of surprises that show how the simple things in our lives are actually really interesting.
When: Nov 3, 14:00~15:00, Free





HokyouDai Movie Create Circle Screening Party


What: This ten-member group write and direct all their own films, and the actors are all their friends!
When: Nov 3, 15:30~16:30, Free





9th Earth Festival


What: Cultures of the world will gather in Hakodate. Food and music, national costumes of the world to enjoy.
When: Nov 2, 10:00~15:00, Free
Where: Hakodate Seinen Center

Soup for Two (TFT) - Delicious International Collaboration

Soup For Two (TFT)~美味しいスープで国際協力~

What: TFT are a group of young volunteers who support their social improvement activities by selling Tom Yum soup. Please try!
When: Nov 3, 13:00~17:00, Soup priced on the day

The Close-Up Magic Show

The Close-Up Magic Show

What: See close-up magic in the unusual setting of a bar. Prepare to be amazed by a series of tricks by over five musicians.
When: Nov 6, 20:00~, Free
Where: post@bar






8 Nov 2013
Four Fringe events to go... You can catch both the Beatles Party and the Rope Live one after the other in Goryokaku tonight.
7 Nov 2013
We received a donation of wine for our party on Sat 9! Join us at Yakitori Bar Kura!
6 Nov 2013
Today is magic day! Join us at Post@bar from 8pm.
5 Nov 2013
Thanks to Getsuyousha for giving the Fringe 5 minutes at the start of their event.
4 Nov 2013
We gave out hundreds of Fringe guides at the Fringe event in Goryokaku Tower.
3 Nov 2013
Thanks to all for helping make Day 2 a success.
2 Nov 2013
Fringe has started! 120 people came to the Puchi Fringe.
1 Nov 2013
We put nobori in front of many venues. Look out for them!
31 Oct 2013
Fringe appeared on NHK program Tsunagaru
26 Oct 2013
We distributed a few thousand Fringe fliers around town.
10 Oct 2013
We have 28 events in 15 locations for this year's Fringe. Thank you!
25 Sep 2013
Our interview is on Page 8 of Boratto
12 Sep 2013
We were interviewed by Boratto magazine. The article will come out very soon.
17 Jul 2013
We received 18 registrations by the first deadline. Thank you!
5 Jul 2013
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4 Jul 2013
Hakodate Shimbun
Fringe interview!
3 Jul 2013
We got a Fringe mobile phone!
28 Jun 2013
We appear on FM Iruka today@ 5:45
7 Jun 2013
New press release.
24 May 2013
FAQ page added, plus fliers uploaded to Support page.
18 May 2013
First registrations arrive. Thank you!
16 May 2013
Online submission opened (J)
8 May 2013
New Staff pictures up
3 May 2013
Online submission opened (E)
1 May 2013
Hakodate Fringe 2013 dates announced
28 Nov 2012
Puchi Fringe pictures up!
31 Oct 2012
"Mix Style Dance" added to Eiley's performers list.
28 Oct 2012
Artist list updated. Join us next weekend!
13 Oct 2012
English web site goes online.
12 Oct 2012
We were interviewed by Yomiuri Shinbun. The article will appear on Nov 1.
15 Jul 2012
Fringe dates fixed: Nov 2 & 3!
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